Universal SIX Performance Black ABS Spoiler/Wing GT3 (144cm)




Universal SIX Performance Black ABS Spoiler/Wing GT3 (144cm)

Attention: Made of ABS, no carbon fiber! This spoiler is finished in a high glossy black, ready to install! Of course it can be re-painted in your car color as well.

The new Carbontrenz spoilers/wings can be used on road (check local law!) and on track for trackdays, time attack, drifting and other motorsports!

They are super lightweight due to the use of carbon for the blade and sideplates and aluminium for the mounts.
The dimensions of this model are:

A. Length: 144 cm
B. Height: 31 cm
C. Blade width: 21 cm
D. Distance between mounts: 55 cm

See also the image below to explain the different measurements.
The spoilers are universal and easy to install on most cars.
The blade angle of the spoiler is adjustable to increase/decrease down force, also spoiler height is adjustable in a range of 2 to 3 cm.

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