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– Michael van der Lee


My name is Michael van der Lee and I work under the name “General Wheels” I chose this name because everything that has wheels fascinates me. General Wheels represents a very wide range of products, from Hot Rods to Choppers and from Cruiser bikes to prototype products.

When I was 6 years old I got my first BMX. The passion that started back then has never ended.  Over the years I have become very widely involved in bikes. It didn’t remain at that, growing up surrounded by motorbikes and vintage cars my interests evolved to nostalgic vehicles.

Having been interested in technology from a young age, I started a study at the metal school, following in the footsteps of my grandfather who is a copper smith and my mother who is a gold smith. It was here that I discovered that there was much more to it all than I first thought. Alongside my studies in LTS metal, Mbo mechanical engineering and HBO mechanical engineering I passed courses in stainless steel and aluminium TIG welding. At a later stage I also had the chance to gain work experience with an ornamental iron smith and a classic car restoration company.

I channel the knowledge I have gained through my studies and work experience into nostalgic vehicles. Due to this I focus mainly on: Customs, Hot Rods, Choppers and Cruisers. Why? Because the possibilities are endless with regards to design. My projects take shape through old fashioned techniques and machines but are manufactured with the knowledge from now.

Do you have a product, project or concept that you could use professional help with? Then you should get in touch, no questions are too insane! I can help you with 3D Cad concepts and designs, construction design expertise, sheet metal work, welding work and much, much more. Should the situation arise that I can’t get there with my own knowledge and experience then that’s no problem. My network is large enough to achieve a solution together with help from others.

Curious what I can do for you?

Feel free to call or send me a mail.

– My own project The Briggs 1929 model A leatherback. Build from scratch, a mix between traditional hot rod, prewar car racers and classic cars. –

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